Samson over plumb island
24x24 £900
Old Grimsby 24x24inches £900
Tresco winter light
24x24inches £950
Tresco from Samson
Rushy bay
Driftwood painting
Tresco channel
16x17inches ish!
Off Samson

lone sail 100x126 cms £1600 delivered

"homeward bound"90x90cms £1600 delivered

Samson 100x30cms  £800

Samson sand bar 20x24inches £750

St Helens and the little Islands 100x125cms £1600 delivered

Samson landing beach 16 x 40inches £900
Hells bay wild sea 24x24inches £850

On the bar at Gugh 24x24inches £875

Shipmans head Hell bay 24x24inches £875

samson and puffin island sands 24x24 inches £900

samson from tresco 24x24 inches £900

lone sail boat 24x24 inches £800

samson  flats 24x24 inches £900

samson light 24x24 inches £850